LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster AT-TE Exclusive Mini Set #20009 [Bagged]

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LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster AT-TE Exclusive Mini Set #20009 [Bagged]
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Lego Star Wars 20009 MINI AT-TE from the Clone Wars. The AT-TE were six legged walking, multi-purpose assault vehicles utilized in transporting battalions of clone troopers into battle as well as staging full scale attacks on Separtist installations. The AT-TE performed various support roles, most notably providing heavy-duty cover fire for soldiers in the field. The AT-TE was frequently deployed on a massive scale to intimidate the enemy with massive firepower. There were six laser cannons on board, four surrounding the cockpit and two covering the rear. One major weapon in the arsenal was a mass driven cannon. This mass driven cannon was capable of a variety of payloads, solid shells, bunker busters, sonic charges to heat-seeking missiles. A specially trained seven-man crew was required for full functionality of the AT-TE. The AT-TE has an onboard electromagnetic shielding making it impenetrable to ion cannons. The AT-TE trudges along at an average speed of 60 kph, thus allowing it to penetrate enemy shields. Able to traverse different terrains, and has the capability of scaling vertical cliffs or structures.
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