LEGO Technic Cargo Plane Set #42025

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LEGO Technic Cargo Plane Set #42025
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Build the LEGO Technic Cargo Plane with movable control surfaces and Power Functions cargo bays, landing gear and spinning propellers.

Build and fly the amazing Cargo Plane with realistic functions!

Zoom down the runway and off on another tough cargo mission with the biggest and most demanding LEGO Technic plane yet. This is so much more than just a model, as it has a range of real-world functions to help it do its job. Move the joystick and watch the flaps, elevators and ailerons move, then activate the LEGO Power Functions motors to open the front and rear cargo bay, retract the landing gear and spin the propellers. Its just like the real thing! Rebuilds into a Transport Hovercraft.

- Has a wide range of motorized mechanical features, including spinning rotors, an opening front cargo bay, an opening rear cargo bay and working landing gear
- Control the ailerons, elevators and flaps with the joystick!
- Our biggest LEGO Technic plane ever!
- This complex build is a real test of your building skills
- Watch the propellers turn!
- 2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a Transport Hovercraft
- Cargo Plane measures over 8 (22cm) high, 25 (64cm) long and 24 (61cm) wide
- Transport Hovercraft measures over 4 (12cm) high, 18 (47cm) long and 7 (20cm) wide
13.00 LBS
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