Littlest Pet Shop My Collector Diary Ladybug Figure #1423

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Littlest Pet Shop My Collector Diary Ladybug Figure #1423
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Don't forget a single second of your time with each and every one of your LITTLEST PET SHOP petswrite it all down in this pretty diary! Jot down all of the details about your little pet friends to keep every memory near and dear to your heart. This special diary comes with a new pet, tooand you can even add another to your collection! Just collect eight collectors' stickers from specially-marked packages of LITTLEST PET SHOP toys and mail them in to get the first-ever LITTLEST PET SHOP platypus pet by mail. And to get you started, your first collector's sticker is included with this journal!

Journal comes with ladybug and starter sticker.
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