Littlest Pet Shop Party Cake Clubhouse Playset

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Littlest Pet Shop Party Cake Clubhouse Playset
Includes playset, 2 pets and accessories.#3017 Koala Bear#3018 Ladybug [bitty]
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This stylin PARTY CAKE CLUBHOUSE set is a big "layer cake" of fun, and your pets cant wait to host a party there with you! The top layer is a swanky hangout spot, and the middle layer is a party room with a table. Send your pets down the slide to the ground floor! Your koala bear and little bitty ladybug pets can wear their party hats as they host the shindig of the year. Celebrate in a big way with the PARTY CAKE CLUBHOUSE Playset!
PARTY CAKE CLUBHOUSE Playset looks like a cake! Includes koala bear and bitty ladybug pets. Party hats! Slide!
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