Littlest Pet Shop Stylin Sweeties Figure Set

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Littlest Pet Shop Stylin Sweeties Figure Set
Pack includes 2 pets, 2 friends and accessories.#3019 Prairie Dog#3020 Poodle#3021 Bee [bitty]#3022 Basset Hound [bitty]
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Make it a fancy day at the salon with pets, friends and accessories in the STYLIN SWEETIES pack! Your prairie dog and poodle pets need to look their very best, and you can put them in the salon chair for primping with the hair dryer and other accessories. Its going to be a sweet styling adventure with this adorable pack of animal friends!
STYLIN SWEETIES pack has pets and accessories for a salon adventure! Includes prairie dog and poodle pets. Put them in the salon chair! Includes bee and basset hound friends. Use the mirror, hair dryer and other accessories for primping!
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Figure Set
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