Marvel Fantastic Four Human Torch Action Figure [Snowboarding]

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Marvel Fantastic Four Human Torch Action Figure [Snowboarding]
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Johnny Storm lived his life on the edge-specializing in fast cars, pretty girls and extreame sports. Often walking the fine line between foolishness and fun, Johnny's reputation for risk-taking was nearly as legendary as his love for practical joking. Johnny had another, more serious side, too-as the best pilot and astronaut in the world. But no amount of skill could save Johnny from his fate as he piloted Reed's doomed space mission. Cosmic rays pounded Johnny's body leaving him a human fireball-and his life as an adventurer forever changed. Now, hotheaded ina whole new way, when Human Torch isn't using his fiery power to aid the Fantastic 4, he's known to use it to pull a prank on his unsuspecting teammate, Ben Grimm.
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