Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic & Thing Action Figure 2-Pack

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Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic & Thing Action Figure 2-Pack
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Marvel Legends 2-Packs: Mr. Fantastic & The Thing are set in 7 scale and are compatible with previous Marvel Legends releases.
Mr. Fantastic is clad in a blue and black uniform marked with a chest-borne 4 emblem. Reed Richards' exposure to cosmic rays imbued him with super-elasticity. Apart from his ability to stretch and reconfigure, Mister Fantastic is resistant against a wide spectrum of physical attacks and virtually all conventional weapons. Additionally, Mister Fantastic is equipped with one of the more impressive scientific minds in the Marvel universe, which, given the presence of highly organized supervillains such as Doctor Doom, is fortuitous.
The Thing is clad in goofy-looking blue shorts, and is portrayed with a moderately emphasized musculature. The Thing's transformation, imbuing him with a nearly impenetrable organic rock-like hide, in the result of a bombardment of cosmic rays. Over the years, the Thing's mutation has evolved, intensifying his superhuman strength and durability. The Thing's powers are reinforced by honed fighting skills, allowing him to persevere against stronger adversaries.
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