Marvel Select All Stars Ultimate Hulk Action Figure

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Marvel Select All Stars Ultimate Hulk Action Figure
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Ultimate Hulk stands 8" tall, and is accompanied by the corner section of a ruined structure. The grey-skinned Ultimate Hulk is clad in tattered blue pants, and supports articulation at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, mid-thighs, and ankles. The Ultimate Hulk is unlike the Savage Hulk in that he is frequently guided by base impulses. Ultimate Hulk is well-suited to the task of annihilating malignant alien invaders, although he is generally unmanageable in any superhero sense. The Bruce Banner aspect of Ultimate Hulk secretly works to harness the Super Serum formula into a concoction through which he will be able to consciously control his brutal alter ego, which is understandable since Banner is generally regarded with a kind of bland and nonspecific contempt, all the while being forced to adhere to a drug regimen intended to repress the Hulks essence.
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