Marvel Super Hero Squad Avengers: Super City

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Marvel Super Hero Squad Avengers: Super City
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Villains are on a rampage around the city, and it's up to Spider-Man and Iron Man to save the day! As the heroes zip through a construction site, they keep an eye out for any hidden evil-doers. Lucky for Super Hero City the city's most powerful protectors are on patrol. Get ready for big battles in the big city with this awesome 3-D pop-up playset! Designed to look like a construction site in your Spider-Man and Iron Man figures home town, this three-level scene even features a missile launcher and swinging crane accessories. Attach your Spider-Man figure to the swinging crane so he can swoop over evil-doers below and attach your Iron Man figure to other places on the playset so he's all set for action! Plus, when the super-action is over for the day, you can just fold this diorama flat and set it aside for fighting crime tomorrow. Super City playset comes with Spider-Man and Iron Man figures.
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