Marvel Super Hero Squad X-Men: Danger Room

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Marvel Super Hero Squad X-Men: Danger Room
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The Danger Room is the ultimate super hero training course, but when a villain like Sabretooth breaks in, it gets even trickier! As Wolverine battles his way through, he is confronted with danger from every direction. Can he subdue Sabretooth and escape the diabolical Danger Room?

Get ready for big battles with this awesome 3-D pop-up Danger Room playset! Designed to look like a super hero training center for your Wolverine figure, this three-level scene even features a missile launcher accessory and a trap door!. The Wolverine and Sabretooth figures attach to different places all over the playset, so they're all set for you to stage an awesome battle between good and evil! Plus, when the super-action is over for the day, you can just fold this diorama flat and set it aside for fighting crime tomorrow.
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