Marvel Universe Spider-Man & Captain Britain Action Figure 2-Pack

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Marvel Universe Spider-Man & Captain Britain Action Figure 2-Pack
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After chance finds their civilian identities sharing an apartment, a misunderstanding leads to a city-spanning battle between SPIDER-MAN and CAPTAIN BRITAIN. Desperate to avoid injuring the visiting hero, SPIDER-MAN lures his opponent onto a construction site, and snares him with a well-placed web. The misunderstanding resolved, the two heroes discover that their troubles are only beginning, as the villainous ARCADE springs an elaborate trap.
Join forces with your two new hero friends and prepare to save the day! Send your SPIDER-MAN and CAPTAIN BRITAIN figures into battle against their enemies and decide if the bad guys will win or if your mighty warriors will triumph. Whether theyre in battle or standing in your collection, these two are a force to be reckoned with!
Figures come with Marvel Team-Up # 65 comic book.
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Action Figure 2-Pack
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