Mass Effect Turian Cruiser 6-Inch Ship Replica

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Mass Effect Turian Cruiser 6-Inch Ship Replica
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One of the cornerstones of both Dark Horses publishing and product line in recent years, has been the massive video game franchise, Mass Effect.
To date, Dark Horse Deluxe has released four different ships, as well as limited edition variant, and high end editions. Up next is the Turian cruiser, which bears some slight resemblance to the Normandy, due to the cooperative effort between the Turians and the human race in the Alliance ships construction. This race in Mass Effect, are members of the Citadel Council, well known for their military role, and their contribution of starships to the Citadel Fleet.
We have been overwhelmed by the support gamers have given our Mass Effect ship replica series," Dark Horse's David Scroggy remarked, " and look forward to continuing the line with this latest release. We have been working directly with the Mass Effect game design team, interfacing with them to obtain the exact 3D design specs that ensure accuracy of detail.
Each Turian Cruiser Replica package will contain an insert card, with a unique code, that will enhance the Mass Effect game experience for individual consumers.
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