Max Steel Turbo Battlers Cytro Figure #1 [Green]

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Max Steel Turbo Battlers Cytro Figure #1 [Green]
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Teenage Max and alien Steel discovered that together they make a formidable force, able to protect the world from fearsome villains. Boys can unlock their hero with this assortment of Turbo Fighters. The figures battle head to head, trying to hit their opponents' sweet spot - a trigger that, after several hits, will send the figure flying off of its base to indicate a clear winner. Boys activate the spinning battle base with a retractable pull-string; it will go faster as pulled. The side blades light up with built-in electronics and, when spun, create an energy sphere effect. The action is high speed, and some customization is achievable as parts are removable and/or interchangeable. Figures come with both energy blades and battle/bumper blades. Includes figure, base, 2 energy blades and battle/bumper blades. Each sold separately, subject to availability.
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