Mega Bloks 25th Birthday Anniversary Set #8118

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Mega Bloks 25th Birthday Anniversary Set #8118

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Mega Bloks is turning 25 this year and we're giving you the present! The 25-piece 25th Anniversary Maxi Bag is the perfect gift for any young child who wants to experience the joy and fun of building with their own two hands. The practical reusable storage bag is sure to be a collector's item, displayed with the special 25th anniversary logo on the front for all to see!
Celebrate Mega Blok's 25th Anniversary in your home with the Mega Bloks 25th Anniversary Bag!
The Mega Bloks 25th Birthday Set features:
* 25 big Mega Blocks!
* Primary Classic color scheme: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
* Award-winning toy
* Limitless building possibilities
* Sturdy, practical and reusable anniversary storage bag!
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