Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Playtime Adventure Set #3082

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Mega Bloks Dora the Explorer Dora's Playtime Adventure Set #3082
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Dora and Isa the Iguana are having a fun indoor adventure and your Explorer fan is invited! Have your little girl join Dora, Isa and their friends as they discover each customizable room for clues to their quest and then hit the fiesta slide for a fun-filled finale with Dora's Playtime Adventure buildable playset!
Dora's Playtime Adventure allows little girls to build Dora's home as high, low, wide or narrow as they want as they recreate their favorite T.V. scenes or construct their own. Tons of household accessories and fun themed stickers give your Dora fan plenty of possibilities to customize and decorate Dora's home however she wants! Set up Dora's fiesta slide anywhere in the house and watch Dora, Isa and their friends glide down in a hurry!
Dora's Playtime Adventure comes with new Build & Dress Dora who can instantly change her style from a short red skirt with butterfly design to a long yellow skirt! Customize Dora's look and her Playtime Adventure then combine with other Dora the Explorer playsets to create and decorate an exclusive Dora world that your child can call her own!
Ideal for children ages 3 and up!
* Buildable and completely customizable Dora's house playset Dora fans can build it any way they want!
* Includes multiple indoor themed pieces and stickers for limitless Dora decorative possibilities
* Includes Isa the Iguana and new Build & Dress Dora that can change outfits - includes 2 pretty skirts!
* Includes fiesta slide give Dora and her friends a quick trip to the ground floor!
* Combine with other Dora The Explorer buildable playsets for hours of educational and creative play at your child's fingertips
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