Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series Magnetic Armor Pack Exclusive Set #29767

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Mega Bloks Halo The Authentic Collector's Series Magnetic Armor Pack Exclusive Set #29767
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Mega Bloks Magnetic Armor Pack. With each passing day, the Covenant's stranglehold on the galaxy gets tighter. Utilize all of the UNSC's resources to combat the alien threat - activate your Spartan-II forces and team up with the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers to defend the outer colonies and humanity's place in the galaxy!
The Halo Magnetic Armor Pack comes with three full sets of Orange UNSC battle armor and weapons to give you the opportunity to lead a task force into enemy territory. Lead the forces as a Spartan-II, engage Covenant forces in zero-gravity combat as a Spartan-II EVA, or go feet-first behind enemy lines on special missions as a member of the ODST! Each piece can fit over the included UNSC Skeletal Soldier capable of masterful flexibility and display. Build and combine pieces for customized units ready for any battle scenario! The deluxe blister packing lets you see every piece included with the Armor Pack, right down to the smallest details!

The Mega Bloks Magnetic Armor Pack features:

* Set contains 48 Pieces
* 6-inch magnetic action figure based on the super soldier Spartans from the award-winning Halo video game series!
* Three sets of Orange UNSC battle armors, helmets and weapons - Spartan-II, Spartan-II EVA and ODST
* Fully poseable UNSC Skeletal Soldier fits full or custom armor sets
* Includes 1 assault rifle, 2 M6 magnums and 2 M7 submachine guns
* Encourages immersive story-telling and role-playing
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Mega Bloks
The Authentic Collector's Series
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