Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Create & Decorate Schoolhouse Set #10821

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Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Create & Decorate Schoolhouse Set #10821
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Take Hello Kitty to school on her tricycle and prepare for a fun day of learning with the Hello Kitty Schoolhouse Playset. The Schoolhouse Playset includes notebook blocks, a learning board and other supplies for Hello Kitty that will help her be at the top of her class! With pretty stickers and lots more that will make learning interesting and fun for everyone, The Hello Kitty Schoolhouse will give your child hours of cute school time delight!
Ideal for ages 4 and up!
* Hello Kitty Schoolhouse.
* Collectible Hello Kitty figurine included.
* Hello Kitty blackboard blocks with letters and pictures. Helps Hello Kitty and your child learn the alphabet!
* Hello Kitty's tricycle, so she can get to school on time.
* Can easily be connected into a Hello Kitty neighborhood: mix and match to create the best Hello Kitty town.
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