Mega Bloks Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Set #1959

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Mega Bloks Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Set #1959
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Welcome to Tony Stark.s top secret Hall of Armor, a 170 piece buildable playset where all of his armor designs are kept safe from prying eyes. On display are images of the armor suit designs and a sophisticated building and repair area, complete with multi-directional repair arm run by Tony.s faithful computer A.I. .Jarvis.. With a cool movie themed sticker sheet for accurate film detail, this playset includes two armors, Mark II and VI, with repulsor flames and 3ft fly-wire flight technology! First attach one end of the dual-fly cords to any pronged or attachable point using the mini lasso. Next pull the dual-fly cords away from each other . the simple action allows the Mark II and VI to look like really flying! Take flight battles to the top of the Hall and pull the lever to activate the trap door and send Iron Man.s enemies falling to their defeat!
* Includes 170 buildable pieces
* Buildable Iron Man Mark II and VI with Repulsor flames
* Real moving repair arm!
* Lever-controlled trapdoor that really works!
* Fly-by-wire real flying action!
* Cool movie themed sticker sheet
* Iconic Iron Man helmet storage case and playset
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Mega Bloks
Iron Man 2
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