Mega Bloks The Smurfs Smurfette Set #10707

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Mega Bloks The Smurfs Smurfette Set #10707
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Travel to the deepest part of the forest and join in on the adventures with our favorite little blue friends The Smurfs! Smurfette's Buildable House is a fully rebuildable mushroom house playset that lets you imagine what it would be like to be Smurfette and live in Smurf Village! Smurfette's pink and violet mushroom house builds securely on a large green building plate surrounded by pretty white flowers and pleasant buzzing friends. Smurfette enjoys the bright sunny day as her clothes hang outside to dry, preparing to enjoy whatever smurfy adventure comes her way!
Ideal for children ages 4 and up!
* Build and rebuild Smurfette's Buildable Mushroom House playset however you want!
* Big and buildable pink and violet mushroom house
* Includes large green building plate for easy and secure building
* Includes 2 hanging dresses, 1 clothesline, 4 flowers, 1 ladybug, 1 bee and Smurfette figurine
* Fun on its own or combine with other Smurfs characters and playsets to further build and collect your World of Smurfs by Mega Bloks!
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