Mega Bloks True Heroes Build & Play AT-278 Patrol Army Assault Set

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Mega Bloks True Heroes Build & Play AT-278 Patrol Army Assault Set
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Secure your helmet and get ready for battle, the True Heroes' next mission is to attack and secure a Stealth stronghold with the Mega Bloks True Heroes Army Assault! The re-buildable Stealth Stronghold is a secure, dual-level base designed with secret Stealth technology to make it invisible to radar. It is protected by a powerful 3-barrel rotating Gatling gun and two anti-tank obstacles to keep heavy artillery at bay. The True Heroes lead the assault with the 4x4 Quad! Armed with a rotating heavy machine gun and Mega Bloks Camo Effect to blend in with its surroundings, The Quad can quickly and tactically manoeuvre in and out of any location! Can the 4x4 Quad outrun and outgun the Stealth Stronghold's Gatling gun?
Engage in the fight that's larger than life and protect the world from Stealth with True Heroes!
The Mega Bloks True Heroes Army Assault building playset features:
1 Buildable 4x4 All Terrain Vehicle
1 Buildable Base
1 True Hero Action Figure
1 Stealth Action Figure
4 Weapons, 2 Anti-Tank Obstacles
Contains 179 Pieces
2.00 LBS
Mega Bloks
True Heroes
Build & Play
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