Mega Bloks True Heroes Build & Play Stealth Escape Set

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Mega Bloks True Heroes Build & Play Stealth Escape Set
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Get ready to sound the alarm as the Stealth rangers try to get by the watchful eye of the True Heroes and reach their primary target in secret with the Mega Bloks True Heroes Stealth Escape! The re-buildable Stealth speedboat is an advanced attack watercraft designed to evade enemy radar and deliver quick, powerful strikes with its short range missiles. It's up to the True Heroes and their Marine Watchtower to keep the Stealth Speedboat from escaping international waters and reach its target! With Mega Bloks Camo Effect blocks to blend in with its surroundings, spotlight and rotating Gatling gun, the Watchtower can lock on to multiple speeding targets and blast them with pint-point accuracy! Can the Stealth Speedboat escape the Watchtower's powerful Gatling gun?
Engage in the fight that's larger than life and protect the world from Stealth with True Heroes!
The Mega Bloks True Heroes Stealth Escape buildable playset features:
1 Buildable Stealth Speedboat
1 Buildable Watchtower
1 True Hero Action Figure
1 Stealth Action Figure
6 weapons
Contains 184 Pieces
2.00 LBS
Mega Bloks
True Heroes
Build & Play
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