Mega Man NT Warrior Power Up! Booster Box

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Mega Man NT Warrior Power Up! Booster Box
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Command your own Net Navi and go head to head against a friend or foe. Play permanents to enhance the attack possibilities, then power up using BattleChips from your hand to add even more devastating power. Each player?s Net Navi has a set amount of energy (Draw Deck) to use in his Net Battle. When a Net Navi?s energy runs out, they are defeated and deleted! The unique PowerBar game mechanic allows each player to add a card (Power) to the bar from his or her available energy (Draw Deck) each turn. When your Net Navi is powered up, unleash the power stored there in combination with BattleChips and permanent bonuses to blast your opponent?s Net Navi. Fast-paced game play with overwhelming attacks causing huge amounts of damage to a player?s Energy (Draw Deck). Incredible game play power and collectability in Super rare, Ultra rare and Secret Rare foil cards.
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Decipher Inc.
NT Warrior
Power Up!
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Booster Box
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