Mega Man Series 1 Retro Roto Protoman Action Figure

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Mega Man Series 1 Retro Roto Protoman Action Figure
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I live as I wish! Despite Proto Man's free-spirit and desire to remain alone, his role in the conflict between Mega Man and Dr. Wily has been ever-increasing. More recently, he has taken a more active part in the fighting, teaming up with Mega Man, Bass, and Duo to bring down the insane doctor's schemes. Though he feels he is unbeatable, that has not always been the case. When he chose to confront the mighty robot King without any back-up, the robotic overlord avoided his attack right before chopping Proto Man in half!
Each Retro Roto figure comes with a figure piece. Collect all 5 Retro Roto figures and you can complete the FULL CHARGED MEGA MAN figure!
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Series 1 Retro Roto
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Action Figure