Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghouls Ghoulia Yelps 10.5-Inch Doll

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghouls Ghoulia Yelps 10.5-Inch Doll
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Fusion is all the rage, and the ghouls of Monster High are clawesomely on trend! Taking the lead from their beast ghoulfriends, these Monster High dolls have unique looks and fierce fashions inspired by their ghoulfriends! Choose from Operetta doll with electric inspiration from Frankie Stein, Scarah Screams purr-fecting Toralei dolls werecat style, Frankie Stein doll ready to howl at the moon like Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelps knocking them undead in Draculaura dolls killer style. Scary cool touches include a voltageous necklace for Operetta doll, werecat ears on Scarah Screams doll and fangs on Frankie Stein and Ghoulia Yelps dolls. The ghouls are extra-killer in fashions with to-die-for accessories, like silvery boots (with striking yellow, lightning bolt heels) for Operetta doll, a studded bangle on Scarah Screams doll, a clawesome purse with paw detail for Frankie Stein doll and Draculaura dolls iconic umbrella in Ghoulia Yelps signature blue with black. Ea
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Freaky Fusion Ghouls
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