Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Avea Trotter 10.5-Inch Doll

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Avea Trotter 10.5-Inch Doll
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Monster High has an entirely new class of monsters - hybrids! These ghouls are the frightful children of two completely different, completely creepy cool creatures! Meet Avea Trotter, who's part Harpy and part Centaur but 100 percent monster! A typical stubborn teenager, her sense of what's "fusionable" really bucks the trends. She looks completely frightful in a satiny red fitted jacket with collar that complements her scary cool wings. A blue shirt with ruffled collar peeks out from below, while a black belt also doubles as part of the bridle and reins that decorate her lower centaur half. Leg warmers/protectors let her horse around, while a top-hat hairpiece is to die for. Girls can use the Skullette hairbrush to keep her gore-geous blue mane and tail in spooktacular style. Plus, unique articulation lets this clawesome monster stand on her own. Ghouls will love creating stories for this two-in-one character. Doll also comes with a diary and hairbrush.
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