Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Sirena Von Boo 10.5-Inch Doll

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Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids Sirena Von Boo 10.5-Inch Doll
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Monster High has an entirely new class of monsters - hybrids! These ghouls are the frightful children of two completely different, completely creepy cool creatures! Meet Sirena Von Boo, who's a little bit Ghost with a dash of Mermaid but 100 percent monster! A bit of a dreamer, she would rather go where the tide drifts her, but she'll be maneuvering the howlways of Monster High this year. Her freakily "fusionable" outfit showcases her gore-geous mermaid tail with its shimmery silver color, a "chain" overlay and a killer decorated black fin. The shimmery one-shoulder top makes waves with black accents dripping from the neck and hem. Boo-tiful accessories include a silvery chain necklace, silvery earrings and black streaming bracelets. Two braids in her gorgeous long blue hair make a final spooktacular splash. Plus, unique articulation lets this hauntingly beautiful monster stand on her own. Ghouls will love creating stories for this two-in-one character. Doll also comes with a diary and hairbrush.
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