Monster High Ghouls Rule High School 10.5-Inch Doll Playset

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Monster High Ghouls Rule High School 10.5-Inch Doll Playset
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MONSTER HIGH High School: The howl-ways of Monster High are now alive with the ultimate accessory that looks just like the infamous school! This fold-up set opens to reveal six play areas: the school entrance, where the cool ghouls gather; the iconic Locker Hallway, featuring six lockers that really open and have working locks; the Mad Science Class Room, with a desk and blackboard for lessons; Casketball Court, where the students can play some outdoors hoops or hang on the bleachers; the Creepateria, a scary cool spot for lunch or school events; and the upstairs Hallway, where the trophy case doubles as a DJ booth for those fangtastic dances that happen in the Creepateria-turned-dance-hall (just hang the Skullette disco ball and other party decorations!). Girls can play with and display all of their Monster High dolls. Piece-count also includes 2 student desks, 1 bleacher, 1 Creepateria table, 1 casketball hoop, 2 notebooks, 1 binder, 2 bowls of food, 1 disco skull, 1 beaker.
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Ghouls Rule
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