MtG Avacyn Restored Death's Encroach Event Deck [Sealed Deck]

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MtG Avacyn Restored Death's Encroach Event Deck [Sealed Deck]
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When the dead walk the land, people are understandably nervous. The aggressive army of Zombies and other fiends in the "Death's Encroach" deck will incite panic starting on the first turn of the game.

Main Deck

60 cards

24 Swamp
24 lands

1 Cemetery Reaper
2 Crypt Creeper
4 Diregraf Ghoul
1 Geralf's Messenger
3 Ghoulraiser
1 Gloom Surgeon
1 Gravecrawler
4 Highborn Ghoul
4 Skinrender
21 creatures

3 Altar's Reap
3 Despise
2 Dismember
2 Doom Blade
3 Go for the Throat
2 Lashwrithe
15 other spells

2 Appetite for Brains
2 Crypt Creeper
3 Deathmark
1 Despise
2 Distress
1 Ghoulraiser
1 Surgical Extraction
3 Triumph of Cruelty
15 sideboard cards
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Wizards of the Coast
Avacyn Restored
Product Type:
Event Deck
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