MtG Judgment Set of 4 Theme Decks [Sealed Decks]

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MtG Judgment Set of 4 Theme Decks [Sealed Decks]
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  • Air Razers: The blitz is on! Score direct hits that obliterate everything in your way. Then reload with card drawing and deck manipulation. The "Air Razers" deck pounds your opponents into the ground.
  • Inundation: The "Inundation" deck thwarts your enemies' plans with damage prevention and protection tricks. Flood the table with a hard rain of creatures and hang your opponents out to dry.
  • Painflow: Overwhelm your opponents like a force of nature. The "Painflow" deck rushes in with early creatures and enhancers, then pumps out monsters until your enemies break under the pressure.
  • Spectral Slam: Scare your opponents out of their wits with Phantoms?nearly invincible creatures that just refuse to go away. The "Spectral Slam" deck will leave your enemies quaking with fear.
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