MtG Set of 2 Avacyn Restored Event Decks [Sealed Decks]

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MtG Set of 2 Avacyn Restored Event Decks [Sealed Decks]
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The "Humanity's Vengeance" deck is designed to get the most out of your creatures by having them work together towards a common goalvictory! Your creatures don't stand out individually, but they combine and cooperate in interesting and powerful ways.

Main Deck

60 cards

2 Glacial Fortress
9 Island
1 Moorland Haunt
12 Plains
24 lands

1 Blade Splicer
4 Fiend Hunter
4 Gideon's Lawkeeper
1 Mirran Crusader
3 Nearheath Pilgrim
2 Nephalia Smuggler
1 Phyrexian Metamorph
4 Porcelain Legionnaire
3 Tandem Lookout
2 Wingcrafter
25 creatures

2 Dismember
1 Divine Deflection
2 Mental Misstep
3 Oblivion Ring
3 Righteous Blow
11 other spells

3 Cathedral Sanctifier
2 Cloudshift
2 Inquisitor Exarch
4 Mana Leak
3 Negate
1 Pacifism
15 sideboard cards
1.00 LBS
Wizards of the Coast
Avacyn Restored
Product Type:
Event Decks
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