Naruto Card Game Battle of Destiny Booster Box

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Naruto Card Game Battle of Destiny Booster Box
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Battle of Destiny is the eighth release for the Naruto CCG and introduces 141 new cards. This set is a combination of cards from the original Japanese sets and U.S. exclusives.
This set covers the destined battle between Naruto and Sasuke where they each learn to access their "Special Power". Also, this set includes all the Four Sound Ninja and Kimimaro in their State 2 Forms with all of their powerful Jutsus. New versions of your favorite characters such as Gaara, Kakashi, Sakura Jiraiya, etc. make this another powerful set.
The Naruto CCG continues to evolve as players continue their "Battle of Destiny" to become the most powerful Sannin.
* 10 cards per booster - 1 Holographic Foil card, 1 gold-stamped Rare, 2 Uncommon, 6 Common;
* "1st Edition" mark appears on cards;
* Super-Rare Gold-Holographic Foil Inserts (1:6 packs Avg.)
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Battle of Destiny
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