Naruto Card Game Dream Legacy Booster Pack

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Naruto Card Game Dream Legacy Booster Pack
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After the great sacrifice of the previous Hokage, the Leaf Village needs a replacement fit to be the Fifth Hokage! Join the story of Naruto as he journeys to find The Legendary Sannin, Tsunade, in Bandai's stunning 5th expansion for the Naruto CCG. Introducing 115 all-new cards, including the infamous Akatsuki members, Itachi Uchiha and Kisami Hoshigaki. Dream Legacy will also follow Naruto's Training to achive one of the strongest jutsu's used by the Fouth Hokage himself, the Rasengan. This is by far the best set to hit the Card Game, dawning the new Super Rare ratio of 1:6, unseen in any other game! Don't miss out on this awesome new set before mastering what it takes to become Hokage of your village.
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Dream Legacy
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