Naruto Card Game Lineage of the Legends Booster Pack

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Naruto Card Game Lineage of the Legends Booster Pack
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Lineage of the Legends is the 10th release for the Naruto CCG and it introduces 208 new cards. This series is a combination of cards from the original Japanese sets and U.S. exclusives and is the largest set of new cards ever released by Bandai. It covers the lineage of the Leaf Villages Hokages from the First to the Fifth.
Naruto CCG players have been waiting all year for the release of a brand new Fourth Hokage card and the time has finally arrived.
Also, the legendary Sannin Ninjas appear again but as youngsters still learning their special Ninja abilities and Jutsus.
Lineage of the Legends is the last set before Naruto Shippuden enters
the Naruto CCG universe with set 11 and opens up all new strategies and deck types.
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Lineage of the Legends
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