Naruto Card Game The Path to Hokage Blister Box

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Naruto Card Game The Path to Hokage Blister Box
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Name: Naruto Path to Hokage CCG Booster Box
Release Date: April 2006
Description (Details): 12 packs per box. The Naruto collectible card game has arrived! This premier set The Path to Hokage introduces the characters and techniques that depict Naruto and his squad as they travel to The Land of Waves in their first greatest trial on their way to becoming Hokage, or Master Ninjas. The collectibility of this series is bolstered by a complete parallel foil set and Gold Foil Superrares inserted one in every 12 packs on the average. Prepare for training on your path to becoming a Hokage! Master the techniques of the Naruto CCG!
3.00 LBS
Card Game
The Path to Hokage
Product Type:
Blister Box
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