Nintendo DS Beyblade Metal Fusion Exclusive Video Game [Toys 'R Us Exclusive]

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Nintendo DS Beyblade Metal Fusion Exclusive Video Game [Toys 'R Us Exclusive]
Does NOT include Cyber Pegasus 100HF Beyblade!
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The Bladers have returned for a shot at the World Beyblading Championships! The action is hotter than competition. In addition, each Beyblade is equipped with special attacks to fight with, making no battle the same! Execute the Special Attack to inflict enormous damage to your opponent! Become the No.1 Beyblader by utilizing customization and special attacks on Nintendo DS!

Beyblade Metal Fusion features:

* All 19 Beyblades and characters from BEYBLADE: METAL FUSION Animated Television Series.
* Compete over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and beat your friends who own other Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Collector's Editions and download their unique characters and Beyblades to add to your collection.
* Play single player mode and earn Beyblade points to collect more parts and customize your Beyblade to compete as the strongest in 2 player battle.
* Unlock and download many rare Beyblade parts to make your Beyblade your very own.
* TWO player competition with Wireless DS Single Card Download Play
* Yell into the Nintendo DS microphone to engage special moves over your opponent.
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Metal Fusion
Nintendo DS
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