Nintendo NES Crash 'N' the Boys Video Game Cartridge [Factory Sealed]

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Nintendo NES Crash 'N' the Boys Video Game Cartridge [Factory Sealed]
Game comes in "H-Seam" style factory shrinkwrap. Seriously excellent shape! Has hang tab.
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Another tournament composed of several different challenges rocks the streets near Nekketsu High and since series hero Kunio isn't going to turn down a challenge anytime soon, every gang in the city sends its team hoping to come up on top.

Crash 'N the Boys features the same basic gameplay engine and mechanics found in the rest of the Nekketsu High games, you control a character in side-scrolling levels and try to defeat your opponents using an arsenal of attacks and special moves. Unique to C'NB is that in order to clear the 5 stages you must also accomplish a series of sport-themed objectives. There's a throwing event, a golfing event, swimming, jumping and all-out fighting events, all with unique twists inspired by the street / gangs theme of the game (ie. the jumping event involves jumping across the rooftops in the city).

Depending on your performance in each event you can earn medals that can be exchanged for power-ups and stat increases, and the game supports 2 players co-op or vs. gameplay.
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