Nintendo NES Destination Earthstar Video Game Cartridge [Factory Sealed]

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Nintendo NES Destination Earthstar Video Game Cartridge [Factory Sealed]
Game comes in "H-Seam" style factory shrinkwrap. Has hang tab still attached.
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Two centuries ago, an alien species known as the Kojans kidnapped the people of Earth and made them their slaves. But the Earthlings never gave hope of returning to their homeland. So they sent you, a brave space ship pilot, to travel through the galaxy in search of the Earth. But beware, as the Kojans won't let you pass without a fight!

The gameplay is divided into two parts. You begin in the simulation mode, controlling your ship from first-person perspective. You can change your altitude, speed, and weapons, at the same time paying attention to the fuel you have left. Once you have defeated enough enemies and landed on a planet, the game turns into a side-scrolling shooter in which you must navigate your ship through arcade sequences.
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Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
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Video Game Cartridge
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