Nintendo NES Q*bert Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]

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Nintendo NES Q*bert Video Game Cartridge [Played Condition]
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Q*bert is a conversion of the popular arcade game. The goal is to change all of the tiles on a pyramid to the target color. To do this you guide Q*bert around the pyramid, and every tile he hops on will change color. On early levels, a single hop will change the tile to the desired color, but on later levels you may need to hop on a tile multiple times or even avoid hopping on a tile multiple times! Trying to stop Q*bert are many different creatures which wander around the board, including Coily the snake, Slick and Sam, and falling balls. On the edge of the board are floating discs; if Q*bert jumps on one of these discs when the snake is in pursuit, the snake will fall off the board while Q*bert is safely transported to the top.
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Ultra Software Corporation
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Video Game Cartridge
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