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One Piece DX Straw Hat Pirate Ship Going Merry PVC Figure

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Instead of figures, Banpresto is offering vessels for your favourite One Piece characters to set sail on. Both Going Merry and Thousand Sunny ships, the first and second vessels of the Makuwara Kaizokudan have arrived.

As the homes of the crew, these ships are given lives of their own. Remember how the figure head (the goat) of Going Merry showing comical expressions or the way it talks to the crew before its viking funeral?

Taking Going Merry's place is Thousand Sunny, which maintained the spirit of Going Merry.

The ships themselves are both perfect display bases and collectibles, at around 20 cm length, the ships can carry a number tiny trading figures of the crew members. Here is your chance of owning both the exquisite Thousand Sunny and reclaiming the dearly remembered Going Merry ships.
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