• Penbo Blue & Brown Poldk Dot Interactive Bebe Egg
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  • Penbo Blue & Brown Poldk Dot Interactive Bebe Egg
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    Our Penbo Bebe Pet - Striped is a cute little penguin! Bebe is covered in fluffy baby fuzz and has three hidden buttons to press: two in Bebes wings and one on top of Bebes head. Pressing different combinations of these buttons will make Bebe chirp different phrases in Penguish - Bebe will even know if you clicked a button or held it down! Every different color of Bebe has a unique voice, a

    The loveable interactive penguin loves you and loves her baby. Penbo responds to your touch and sound and speaks Penguish. Press Penbo's ear and an egg magically appears from her pouch. Penbo calls for and interacts with her baby and rocks baby to sleep. Baby plays games with Penbo including hide and seek and peek-a-boo.

    Baby works as remote control for Penbo making her walk, turn and flap wings.

    Includes Penbo robot, baby (2) and egg(2). She is happiest when you shower her with lots of love and care. She listens, talks, responds to you and to her Bebe, and reacts when you pet her head or carry her with you. Penbos responses change depending on whether she is happy or sad. Play with Bebe and Penbo by holding Bebe in front of Mommy's heart and pressing on Bebe's head. Tag, hide and seek, mimic me, peek-a-boo, musical chairs. Press Penbos heart once and she delivers an egg from the belly. What a magical moment. The bebe that appears interacts with Penbo.

    Penbo Interactive Waddling Penguin w/ Bonus Surprise Bebe features

    * Includes Penbo, 1 Bebe plus 1 Surprize Bebe and 2 Bebe eggshells
    * Penbo is an interactive doll that loves to talk and play
    * Penbo has a surprise - a cute Bebe comes out of her egg
    * Penbos adorable eyes open and close
    * Penbo waddles and dances a happy dance
    * Penbo interacts with you and with her sweet little Bebe
    * Penbo talks to you when you talk to her
    * Penbo shows her love by chirping and cooing
    * Penbo plays games with you and with Bebe
    * Penbo purrs when you pet her head
    * You can control Penbo by using Bebe as a controller
    * Talk to Penbo and she responds to you in Penguish, her own Penguin language
    * Plays 5 fun games, including tag, hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo
    * Interactive, waddling penguin lays eggs to reveal 2 fluffy baby penguins, called Bebes
    * Ages: 4 years and up
    * Penbo uses 6 AA batteries (included) and Bebe uses 2 LR44 button batteries (included)nd all Bebes will talk to and play games with Penbo (sold separately).