Pokemon Japanese Dialga 3-Inch PVC Figure

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Pokemon Japanese Dialga 3-Inch PVC Figure
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Dialga, known as the Temporal Pokemon, is described as an ancient deity of the Sinnoh region with the ability to control time.It is part of the Legendary Dragon trio, along with Palkia and Giratina. According to Sinnoh-region lore, it was created by Arceus, at which point time began to flow. It has a long neck, short tail and a thick set of legs with sharp, metal claws. It has many silver protrusions resembling spikes along the back of its neck, on its head, on its top rear, and on its chest. Lodged into the chest protrusions is a glowing blue, diamond-like jewel. Running along its body are shiny light blue stripes that fluctuate into diamond shapes. Dialga is said to be the flowing, changing heart of time, and time began when Dialga was born. Its signature move is "Roar of Time", a large beam of energy powerful enough to distort time. It is described as so powerful that Dialga must refrain from attacking on the next turn. It has a raspy roar.
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