Redakai Conquer the Kairu Battacor Structure Deck

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Redakai Conquer the Kairu Battacor Structure Deck
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Bash STX-1-CHA-1010 Common Character 1
Rynoh STX-1-CHA-1011 Common Character 1
Zylus STX-1-CHA-1009 Common Character 1
Drudger STX-1-MON-2132 Exclusive Monster 1
Drudger STX-1-MON-2131 Rare Monster 2
Scorpirion STX-1-MON-2151 Common Monster 1
Spykor STX-1-MON-2141 Common Monster 1
Trisquad STX-1-ATT-2201 Common Attack 2
Nightmare STX-1-ATT-3075 Common Attack 2
Mind Shock STX-1-ATT-3120 Common Attack 2
Psycho Slick STX-1-ATT-3117 Common Attack 2
Insanity Ink STX-1-ATT-3077 Common Attack 1
Cyber Leeches STX-1-ATT-3067 Common Attack 2
Energy Whip Lash STX-1-ATT-3079 Common Attack 2
Frost Breath STX-1-ATT-3111 Common Attack 2
Sonic Slap STX-1-ATT-3110 Rare Attack 2
Heat Beam Attack STX-1-ATT-3103 Common Attack 1
Typhoon STX-1-ATT-3109 Common Attack 1
Magma Blast STX-1-ATT-3009 Common Attack 2
Lightning Storm STX-1-ATT-3092 Common Attack 2
Venom Blast STX-1-ATT-3064 Common Attack 2
Debris Harvest STX-1-ATT-3072 Rare Attack 2
Oil Slick STX-1-ATT-3071 Common Attack 2
Roots of Doom STX-1-ATT-3112 Common Attack 2
Magna Slam STX-1-ATT-3069 Common Attack 2
Ink Cloud STX-1-ATT-3116 Common Attack 2
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Spin Master
Conquer the Kairu
Product Type:
Structure Deck
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