Redakai Conquer the Kairu Radikor Structure Deck

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Redakai Conquer the Kairu Radikor Structure Deck
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Techris STX-1-CHA-1005 Common Character 1
Zair STX-1-CHA-1004 Common Character 1
Zayne STX-1-CHA-1013 Rare Character 1
Bruticon STX-1-MON-2064 Common Monster 2
Bruticon STX-1-MON-2061 Rare Monster 2
Cyonis STX-1-MON-2071 Exclusive Monster 1
Cyonis STX-1-MON-2073 Rare Monster 2
Ghost Riot STX-1-ATT-3037 Common Attack 2
Mind Shock STX-1-ATT-3120 Common Attack 2
Voodoo Trance STX-1-ATT-3123 Common Attack 2
Vertigo Vapor STX-1-ATT-3043 Common Attack 1
Corrosive Goop STX-1-ATT-3022 Common Attack 2
Shockwave STX-1-ATT-3047 Common Attack 2
Anti-Matter Beam STX-1-ATT-3040 Common Attack 2
Hydro Hooks STX-1-ATT-3096 Rare Attack 2
Lightning Strike STX-1-ATT-3045 Common Attack 2
Boulder Punch STX-1-ATT-3050 Common Attack 2
Magma Mace STX-1-ATT-3108 Common Attack 2
Degeneration STX-1-ATT-3041 Common Attack 1
Tar Balls STX-1-ATT-3094 Common Attack 1
Slime Grenades STX-1-ATT-3102 Common Attack 2
Earth Slam STX-1-ATT-3010 Common Attack 2
Lightning Spear STX-1-ATT-3044 Common Attack 2
Mind Drill STX-1-ATT-3113 Common Attack 2
Psycho Slick STX-1-ATT-3117 Common Attack 1
Frenzy Rush STX-1-ATT-3055 Rare Attack 1
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Spin Master
Conquer the Kairu
Product Type:
Structure Deck
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