Shadowrun Duels Series 1 G-Dogg Action Figure

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Shadowrun Duels Series 1 G-Dogg Action Figure
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G-Dogg (no one calls him Gerome) is a native of the Barrens, a blasted landscape that sprawls over the remains of Redmond. Toughened by a hard life in an irradiated wilderness, G-Dogg wants "a taste of the sweet" and spends a lot of his time in the hot spots downtown.
Tactics and Secrets: Who wouldn't want this big bad ork backing them up on a mission? With an abundance of yellow and blue dice, G-Dogg is made to close the gap and start pounding the competition. His longer-than-average blue range (12") helps compensate for his lower Head values and relatively few white movement dice. Let the blue dice fly using his taser and Remington 990 in short-range combat. A Stun Attack ace on a fresh opponent can clear the way for G-Dogg's teammates to clean up. Plus, with a chance of picking up some shields on the way down his Body dial, G-Dogg is a great close-combat choice.
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Series 1
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Action Figure