Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Trading Card Box

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Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Trading Card Box
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Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives explores the viewpoints of the Rebel Alliance andthe Empire as they battle one another for control of the Galaxy. 100 base cards profile the characters of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, with 50 cards dedicated to each side, plus 10-card insert sets featuring Rebel Wanted Posters, Empire Priority Targets, Rebel Training Cards, and Rebel and Empire Propaganda! You'll also find five (5) levels of chase cards, from Refractors (1 ppk), Prism Refractors (#'d to 199), X-Factor (#'d to 99), Gold Refractors (#'d to 50), and Superfractors (#'d to 1)! Also look for Chrome Helmet Medallions (1 per Box!), Chrome Sketch Cards, Chrome On-Card Autographs, Printing Plates, and more! Each pack contains four (4) Base Cards, plus one (1) Base Refractor and one (1) Insert. 24 Packs per box.
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Chrome Perspectives
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Trading Card Box