Star Wars Medicom VCD TIE Fighter Pilot Vinyl Figure

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Star Wars Medicom VCD TIE Fighter Pilot Vinyl Figure
We carefully inspect each copy of this figure for damage. Due to the collectibility and fragility of this item, we cannot accept a return once it has been opened.
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The TIE Fighter Pilot VCD stands 8 tall and comes equipped with a blaster pistol. Presented in the Vinyl Character Doll format, this dastardly Imperial thug achieves a more innocuous mood, stealthily warming hearts to his headlong missions of tyranny and destruction. Signaled by the deaths-head visage of a Stormtrooper inverted-black, the VCD version is nevertheless skewed more in accordance with the uber-benign Galactic Heroes line-up. This is a version of the TIE Fighter Pilot that occasionally prefers a nice game of Connect Four to heavy laser fire and meteor-entwined dogfights.

Identified by numbers rather than names and cultivated almost in the manner of insect drones, the TIE Fighter Pilots were a prime example of Imperial cannon fodder. TIE Fighters were constructed for swarm effectiveness; individually the vessels didnt offer much by way of armor or defense. For the TIE Fighter pilots, the life expectancy was generally low. Many times, their missions had a way of culminating at the business end of X-Wing laser barrages or flush against the occasional drifting asteroid.
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