Strawberry Shortcake Exclusive Action Figure

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Strawberry Shortcake Exclusive Action Figure
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Your Strawberry Shortcake figure is sporting a fun look she cant wait to show off to you! With a ruffled shirt, polka dot skirt and even a knit cap with knit ears, shes looking just a sweet as can be. Her pet cat figure definitely agrees her knit ears look just like his!
Iron Man: Armored leader of the Heroes!
Dr. Doom: Tea-drinking tyrant!
The Mayor Of Super Hero City: Super Hero Citys bumbling bureaucrat!
Leap into some serious Super Hero Squad action! Your Mayor of Super Hero City figure is being threatened by your sinister Dr. Doom figure. Who can he turn to? Your Iron Man figure, of course! Set up your hero and villain in a heated battle over the fate of this important elected official and the whole city or, at least, your living room!
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Action Figure
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