Super Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai Series 1 Chun Li Action Figure

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Super Street Fighter IV Play Arts Kai Series 1 Chun Li Action Figure
Due to the fragile nature of Play Arts we cannot accept returns on opened product. We inspect each figure before sending it out, but sometimes figures can be damaged in transit. Please make sure to inspect your figure for damages before opening it.
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Meet Chun-Li from Capcom's hit fighting game Super Street Fighter IV! The Play Arts Kai Figure features multiple points of articulation. Includes interchangeable and special-effects parts. This Interpol detective kicks butt with her powerful legs! This detailed Chun-Li Play Arts Kai Action Figure is directly from the Super Street Fighter IV arcade gaming systems and consoles. Chun-Li features over 26 points of articulation, multiple hand parts, and an extra head (open mouth)-- plus special-effects parts like her fireball! The beautiful Interpol detective stands 8 3/4-inches tall and comes in a window display box. Chun-Li is an Interpol detective that continues to track Shadaloo in order to learn the truth about her father's whereabouts. While she stands firm against the forces of evil, she's also a cheerful and stunningly attractive woman.
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Super Street Fighter IV
Play Arts Kai Series 1
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