The Amazing Spider-Man Speed Climbing Spider-Man R/C Figure

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The Amazing Spider-Man Speed Climbing Spider-Man R/C Figure
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Send your Spidey up the wall after villains with this fast-climbing figure! When you point the controller at him and press the buttons, he climbs up, down, left and right, even upside down! Put him on smooth, clean, dry surfaces like windows and his mini-vacuums help him stick to the surface. Then guide the wall-crawling action with the controller! Watch how fast he scales the walls in pursuit of the bad guys. The power to make him go is right in the palm of your hand!

Figure comes with controller.
Incredible remote-controlled Speed-Climbing SPIDER-MAN figure climbs walls and other surfaces as you control the wall-crawling action! Use the controller to make him go up, down, left and right. He even climbs upside down! Figure comes with controller. Controller requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included). Figure includes 1 button-cell battery. Ages 6 and up.
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The Amazing Spider-Man
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R/C Figure
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