The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man Action Figure

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The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man Action Figure
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No matter how big the threat, The Amazing Spider-Man is always ready to fight crime with a powerful blast from his launching web missile!
Your web-slinging adventures will have lights, sounds and a missile launcher with this awesome electronic Amazing SPIDER-MAN figure! Load one of the 3 missiles in the launcher and push the button to fire. Push the spider symbol to hear the figures phrases! Figure comes with 3 missiles. Includes 2 "AAA" batteries. Ages 4 and up.

Imagine SPIDER-MAN adventures at a whole new level with this electronic Amazing SPIDER-MAN figure! SPIDER-MAN has always had incredible web-crawling skills, but this figure has the firepower to make sure he not only catches but stops the forces of evil. As he uses his incredible spidey skills to take on the enemy, he says 10 different phrases and lights up. When its time for him to strike, he can fire one of the 3 different web missiles from the awesome launcher on his right arm! Evil doesnt stand a chance against your Amazing SPIDER-MAN figure!
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The Amazing Spider-Man
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